Thornæs Danish Single Malt Whisky - 2nd Release 50.5% 0.5L, Spirits

Thornæs Single Malt Whisky - 2nd Release

Alcohol: 50.5%

98,00 EUR

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  • 0,5 L (196,00 EUR/L)
  • Incl. 19% VAT

An intense and deliciously rounded marriage between whisky matured in Bourbon casks and Oloroso Sherry casks.

The richness of taste is partly due to the intense extraction from small 50 and 55 liter casks, but also our unique distillation method that favors rich notes of fruit, sweet malt as well as deeper, more complex spiciness.

Taste is classically sweet with toffee and vanilla, but reaches further towards dark fruit, raisins and hints of vinous sherry.

  • Volume: 50 cl.
  • Alc./vol. 50,5 %
  • Malt: Danish Organic Barley
  • Water source: Grib forest
  • Bottles: 440 units (numbered)
  • Packaging: Open box with magnetic seal

  • Alcohol: 50.5% vol.
  • Allergens: None
  • OrganicDK-ØKO-100

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